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Last NameFirst NameMiddle InitialMilitary BranchConflictYear StartedYear Ended
Atkinson Roy Sgt Field Artillery WWII
Atkinson Stafford
Atkinson Walter S Navy WWII
Atkinson William Mitchell Navy WWII
Atkinson W. R.
Atkinson William P Air Force 1966 1972
Atkinson William S Army Civil War 1864 1865
Atkinson George W Capt. Veterinary WWII
Atkinson Harry Army WWII
Atkinson Jesse O Army WWII
Atkinson Lloyd E Chief Signalman WWII
Attwood John Kenneth Army WWII
Atwood Arthur F
Augustine Roy L Army WWII
Aupperle Kay C S/Sgt 21st Troop Carrier WWII
Aupperle Keith P Army WWII
Aupperle Leonard P Army WWII
Aupperle Paul Cpl Quartermaster Corps WWII
Aurell Paul Army WWII
Austermiller Ralph A Navy WWII
Austin David Samuel Navy WWII
Austin Donald B Navy WWII
Austin E. F. Army WWII
Austin Frank Marines WWII
Austin Frederick Henry Army Air Force WWII
Austin Robert C. Naval Air Force WWII
Austin Whitley Army WWII
Avery Emmett S Navy WWII
Avery Kemit M Air Force Korea/Vietnam 1953 1973
Avery Kemit V Navy WWII
Avery Luther N Army Korean War 1952 1954
Avery Robert Army WWII
Avery Robert Herbert Navy WWII
Avery Silas L Air Force Korea/Viet 1952 1980
Avery William M Air Force Korea/Vietnam 1953 1973
Avery Wilmer N Army Korean War 1952 1954
Avery William L Army Korea 10/15/1954 10/20/1957
Avery Wm R
Avery William L Army Korea 10/15/54 10/20/57
Awbrey Stuart (David S.) 1st Lt 29th Inf WWII
Ayers Verne Morrison Navy WWII
Ayres Albert F. Cpl WWII
Ayres Alva V. Army Air Force WWII
Ayres Raymond N. Armoured Div in France WWII
Aytes Oscar W. Navy - Marines WWII
Baar Edward L Navy WWII
Babb B. F. Marines WWII
Babb Lester C Army Air Force WWII
Babb Mark J Army Air Force WWII
Babcock Leo Pvt 537th Engineers WWII