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Last NameFirst NameMiddle InitialMilitary Branch
Abbott Allan "Lawrence" L Sgt. 241st Signal Operations
Abbott Eugene W Navy
Abbott Floyd R Capt. Commanding Btry B 130th
Abbott Freddie L Army
Abbott Harold S Capt. 74th F.A. Bn
Abbott James Jr W Navy
Abbott Jesse Benj Navy
Abbott Lester Levi Army Air Force
Abbott Lloyd E
Abbott Norman F Capt. 130th F.A. 154th F.A. Bn
Abbott Richard B Pvt. 833rd Anti-aircraft Bn
Abbott Seth J
Abbott Stanley Coast Artillery
Abernathy David C Army
Abernathy Lewis C Army
Abernathy Justin D Marines
Abildgaard Walter E Army
Achilles Roy H Coast Guard
Achilles Roy F Cpl. 331st Service (Army)
Achilles Wilmer H Coast Guard
Ackley Sylvester L Air Force
Ackley Joseph
Adair Charles J Army Air Force
Adams Harold "Pete" R 1st Sgt 359th Inf 90th Div
Adams Howard Avn. Chief-Hutch Naval Air Stn
Adams James C Army Air Corps
Adams Luther D Air Force
Adams Robert J Pfc.130th Field Artillery 35th Div
Adams W.L. Pvt Paratroopers Italy
Adkinson Levi J
Adrian Edgar M T/Sgt. 90th Ferrying Squadron
Adrian Homer E Sgt 55th Medical Bn
Adrian Laverne L Army
Aelmore Johnson C Navy
Aelmore Martin A Army Air Force
Aerdelmann Phil C Pvt Coast Artillery Anti-Aircraft
Agree Jack Clinton Navy
Ahlgrim William D Army
Ahrens Delmer M Pvt.,232nd FieldArtillery Bn
Ahrens Fay L Sgt Anti-aircraft Unit
Ahrens Glendon Army Air Force
Ahrens Harold Pvt. 8th Coast Artillery
Ahrens Leo L Pfc. Inf.
Ahrens Donnie L. Army
Airington JoAnn E Sgt, WAC in Air Transport Comm
Akins Malcolm L Naval Air Corps
Alban William H T/Sgt Armored Force
Albaugh R B
Albert Francisco P Marines
Albert Francisco E Navy