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Last NameFirst NameMiddle InitialMilitary BranchConflictYear StartedYear Ended
Anderson Robert ("Bob") E Marines Iraqi Freedom - Iraq 2004 2010
Anderson Tyson W Marines Iraqi Freedom - Iraq Enduring Fredm Afghan 2000 Present
Anderson Willard Army
Anderson William E National Guard 1963 1968
Anderson William G Army 10/1/1962 5/30/1964
Anderson Pamela S Army 7/1/1975 2/7/1981
Anderson David P Army Vietnam 11/1/1972 4/14/1981
Anderson Douglas E Marines Iraqi Freedom 2004 2010
Anderson Jeffery W Marines Iraqi Freedom 2000 Present
Andrews Otis
Andrews Alden A Marines WWII
Andrews Clare Sgt Mil Police WWII
Andrews Harvey E Naval Air Service WWII
Andrews Jack H Army Air Corps WWII
Andrews Jack Franklin Army WWII
Andrews Robt. H. Army World War II 1943-47 Jan-47
Androes Ervin B Pfc. 81st Armored Medical Bn WWII
Androes Herbert J Army Air Force WWII 1943 1946
Androes Paul Army WWII
Andsager Forrest R Naval Air Force WWII
Angel Harold G Marines Korea 1951 1954
Angel, Jr Leslie H Marines Korea 1954 1957
Angell Brian C Army Kuwait-Iraq-Afganistan 2000 Present
Angell Francis S Army WWII 1942 1945
Angell Thomas F Army Vietnam 1971 1974
Angyal Joseph Jr Marines Corps WWII
Ankerholz LeeRoy Navy WWII
Anschutz Wayne A Army 1963 1967
Ansel Chester E Army 1955 1957
Anshutz Alfred "Jack" W Army Air Corps WWII
Anthony H. Howard Sgt Air Base Security Bn WWII
Anthony Lewis O Sgt. 80th Engineers Bn WWII
Anthony Wilbur Navy WWII
Anzo Thomas S Army OIF/OEF 8/24/1996 7/26/2013
Anzo Andrew A Army Air Force WWII
Applegate Charles Jr. J Coast Guard WWII
Applegate Donald A Air Force WWII
Applegate Harold Glenn 602nd Field Artillery WWII
Applegate Laurel Navy WWII
Applegate Leo Elvan Navy WWII
Applegate Marvin Lenza Army Air Force WWII
Arbogast Lynn S Army Air Force WWII
Arbuckle David W Army 1981 2016
Arbuckle Thos Jr. E Navy WWII
Archer Donald E T/5 Headquarters Const Unit WWII
Archer Gilbert Field Artillery WWII
Archer Jack Field Artillery WWII
Archer Paul W Pvt Medical Battalion WWII
Archer William Jr E Army Air Force WWII
Arheart Robert Lee Army WWII