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Last NameFirst NameMiddle InitialMilitary BranchConflictYear StartedYear Ended
Woodson James F Navy 1942 1945
Woodson James E Air Force 1949 1952
Woodson James B Army 1945 1946
Woodson Kenneth E Air Force
Woodson Kenneth M Air Force
Woodson Loyal Donald Army WWII 1943 1945
Woodson Robert E Army
Woodson Walter D Army WWII 1943 1945
Woodson Walter A Air Force 1951 1956
Woodson Walter F Navy 1942 1945
Woodson Walter E Air Force 1949 1952
Woodson Wesley Jr B Army 1945 1946
Woodson Roy M Air Force WWII 1943 1945
Woodson Tyronne A ARNG, Army OEF IEF 6/8/2008 6/8/2014
Woodward Homer R
Woodward Wm R Air Force
Woodworth Dennis Navy Vietnam Sep-67 Jul-71
Woody James F Navy Vietnam 1968 1972
Woody James C Navy 1972 1976
Woody Joseph F Navy Vietnam 1968 1972
Woody Joseph C Navy 1972 1976
Wooledge Benjamin F Army 1918 1919
Wooledge Everett W Army Asiactic 1945 1946
Woolen Larry E. Air Force VIETNAM Jun-64 jan. 1968
Woolery Barnie E
Woolery Finis E Navy
Woolley Harry M
Woolley Harry 0
Woolley Richard Jr M Marines
Woolley Stanley O Army Air Force
Woolsey Laddie C
Woolsey Terry L Navy Vietnam 1968 1973
Woolsey Thaine L Navy WWII 1944 1946
Woolsey Willard O Army Air Force
Woosley Rodger Marines Desert Shield Jan-87 Dec-90
Wooten Edgar C
Wooten James E
Worden Frederick L Army
Work John Harper Army Air Force WWII
Workman Parker W Navy
Worlow George Navy
Worlow Orville E Navy
Worrell Hubert L Navy
Worrell Lloyd E Navy
Worster Walter S Army Air Force
Worster Winfred D Marines
Worster Jerald D 1946 1967
Worthen Dale D Army Air Force
Worthington Elias
Wortman Jack A Army 1953 1956