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Total Records Found: 15505, showing 50 per page
Last NameFirst NameMiddle InitialMilitary BranchConflictYear StartedYear Ended
Akins Malcolm L Naval Air Corps WWII
Alban William H T/Sgt Armored Force WWII
Albaugh R B
Albert Francisco P Marines Vietnam 66-69/Oct 72 1990
Albert Francisco E Navy WWII 1927 1957
Albert Sergio E Navy WWII 1934 1965
Albert Jr. Sergio E Marines Vietnam 1965 1967
Albertson Benjamin "Bud" H Army Air Corps WWII
Albrecht Irvin
Albright Alva A Navy WWII
Albright Donald Gene Pfc Co. L 397th Inf. WWII
Albright Everett N Navy WWII
Albright Donald Army WWII 1943 1945
Albright Hobart Sgt. 897th Signal Co Depot WWII
Albright Ernest A Army 1955 1957
Albright James H T/5 77th Inf. Div SW Pacific WWII
Albright Irvan Army WWI 1917 1919
Albright Raymond E Army France Holland Germany France 1943 1945
Albright Allen D Navy 1967 2001
Albright Rex R Marines 1990 1994
Aldahl Joyce Erville Marine Corps WWII
Alden John R Navy WWII
Aldred Jack Navy WWII
Aldrich Byron A Pvt Infantry WWII
Aleman Chas Pfc in Amercal Div. Scouts Unit WWII
Aleman Luis R Marines 1952 1954
Aleman John Phillip Army 1963 1967
Alexander Charles Franklin Navy WWII
Alexander Glenn Army Air Force WWII
Alexander Harry Jr. Army Air Force WWII
Alexander Howard Glenn Eighth Air Force WWII
Alexander Kenneth L Army Signal Corp WWII
Alexander Leroy I Navy WWII
Alexander Merle Freeman Marines WWII
Alexander Oren W Army Medical Corp WWII
Alexander Paul W Army Air Corps WWII
Alexander Stewart Naval Air Force WWII
Alexander Michael T
Alfaro Edward Navy WWII
Algeo Lawrence P Army Airways WWII
Alger Michael H Army Cold War 1972 1975
Alger Jr. John W Army WWII 1944 1946
Algrim Orval L Naval Air Corps WWII
Allain Cecil F Army Air Force WWII
Allaire John Capt. American Millitary Miss WWII
Allam Bedford Jr F Navy WWII
Allan Richard Max T/Sgt Railway Transportation WWII
Allan Robert C Army air Force WWII
Allbritten Clifford Pvt Infantry Camp WWII
Allen John M Navy Vietnam 1/1/1965 1/9/1988