Veterans Remembered

This is a list of veteran names which have been submitted as of 09/04/2018. Please use the search box to see if your submission has been added. Please note that there was a problem with the earliest submissions (submitted prior to our website move) and we are working diligently to get those names added to the database. We are making monthly updates so if you don’t seen your submission, please check back next month. If you find an error or still don’t see your submission, please feel free to contact us.

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Total Records Found: 14935, showing 50 per page
Last NameFirst NameMiddle InitialMilitary BranchConflictYear StartedYear EndedBirth Date
Andrews Otis
Andrews Alden A Marines WWII
Andrews Clare Sgt Mil Police WWII
Andrews Harvey E Naval Air Service WWII
Andrews Jack H Army Air Corps WWII
Andrews Jack Franklin Army WWII
Andrews Robt. H. Army World War II 1943-47 Jan-47 4/24/2022
Androes Ervin B Pfc. 81st Armored Medical Bn WWII
Androes Herbert J Army Air Force WWII 1943 1946 04-25-1918
Androes Paul Army WWII
Andsager Forrest R Naval Air Force WWII
Angell Brian C Army Kuwait-Iraq-Afganistan 2000 Present
Angell Francis S Army WWII 1942 1945
Angell Thomas F Army Vietnam 1971 1974
Angyal Joseph Jr Marines Corps WWII
Ankerholz LeeRoy Navy WWII
Anshutz Alfred "Jack" W Army Air Corps WWII
Anthony H. Howard Sgt Air Base Security Bn WWII
Anthony Lewis O Sgt. 80th Engineers Bn WWII
Anthony Wilbur Navy WWII
Anzo Thomas S Army OIF/OEF 8/24/1996 7/26/2013
Anzo Andrew A Army Air Force WWII
Applegate Charles Jr. J Coast Guard WWII
Applegate Donald A Air Force WWII
Applegate Harold Glenn 602nd Field Artillery WWII
Applegate Laurel Navy WWII
Applegate Leo Elvan Navy WWII
Applegate Marvin Lenza Army Air Force WWII
Arbogast Lynn S Army Air Force WWII
Arbuckle David W Army 1981 2016 12-11-1962
Arbuckle Thos Jr. E Navy WWII
Archer Donald E T/5 Headquarters Const Unit WWII
Archer Gilbert Field Artillery WWII
Archer Jack Field Artillery WWII
Archer Paul W Pvt Medical Battalion WWII
Archer William Jr E Army Air Force WWII
Arheart Robert Lee Army WWII
Armbruster William E Sgt 219th Field Artill/Radio Oper WWII
Armitage Albert C Army Air Force WWII
Armitage George Army WWII
Armour J. M.
Armour Thomas G 1st Lt Infantry w/armored unit WWII
Armstrong Lloyd H Army 1964 1971 5/24/1944
Armstrong Bobby F Army Des Strm 1988 1991
Armstrong Gordon Army WWII
Armstrong Isabelle Dean Navy Air Force WWII
Armstrong John Navy WWII
Armstrong John Jr. J Cpl Inf School Band WWII
Armstrong Norvell A Staff Assistant WWII
Armstrong Ruth W. Navy Korean Conflict Mar-52 Mar-56 4/14/1933

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