Veterans Remembered

This is a list of veteran names which have been submitted as of 09/04/2018. Please use the search box to see if your submission has been added. Please note that there was a problem with the earliest submissions (submitted prior to our website move) and we are working diligently to get those names added to the database. We are making monthly updates so if you don’t seen your submission, please check back next month. If you find an error or still don’t see your submission, please feel free to contact us.

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Total Records Found: 14935, showing 50 per page
Last NameFirst NameMiddle InitialMilitary BranchConflictYear StartedYear EndedBirth Date
Allen Glen Navy WWII
Allen John Sgt Artillery Unit WWII
Allen Leland J Naval Air Force WWII
Allen Leland "Gene" E Army Air Corps WWII
Allen Marlyn G Army WWII 1943 1946
Allen Marvin G Navy WWII
Allen Melvin C Marines Corps WWII
Allen Paul Navy WWII
Allen Rex T/5 Quartermaster Corps WWII
Allen Richard V Carpenter's Mate WWII
Allen Robert L Navy WWII
Allen Samuel N S/Sgt Ft. Riley WWII
Allen Vernon Lee Navy WWII
Allen William "Bill" Naval Air Force WWII
Allen Wm G Coast Guard WWII
Allen Newton J Naval Consruction WWII
Allender James J Pfc. 361st Inf. WWII
Allender John D Army WWII
Allensworth James F
Aller Alvin Navy WWII
Alley Dustin M Army Iraqi Frdm 2007 2015 2/9/1989
Alley Bert A Lt 795th Bombing Squadron WWII
Allison Harold J
Allison Jack Army WWII
Allison Otis A Navy WWII
Allmon Lorne L Lt 547th Bomb Squadron WWII
Allphin Guy M Army Air Corps WWII
Almanza Jesse Army Airborne WWII
Alonzo Donato J Army WWII
Alonzo Fred Pvt Infantry WWII
Alonzo Michael Navy WWII
Alspaugh Harry D Navy WWII
Alspaugh Horace K Army Air Force WWII
Alstatt Vincent E Army Air Corps WWII
Alter E. L. Naval Air Force WWII
Alter Robert Naval Air Force WWII
Alterman Emil L Army Air Force WWII
Althaus Floyd Navy WWII
Althaus Howard 32nd Engineers Bn WWII
Altis Chas C
Alton Orvan L Army Air Force WWII
Alton Gene L Navy 4/10/1969 3/25/1973 6/13/1946
Altvater Fred A Air Force Korean 1952 1956
Alumbaugh Bill G Army 1969 1975 3/8/1949
Alumbaugh Darrel C Pfc Infantry WWII
Alumbaugh Ronald W Army Vietnam 7/20/1966 7/20/1969 6/23/1947
Ambler Stephen A Navy WW II & Korean War 1943 1952 11/22/2024
Amick Paul C Army Air Force WWII
Amrine Charles M Army Medical Corps WWII
Andereck Omar Pvt Field Artillery WWII

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