Veterans Remembered

This is a list of veteran names which have been submitted as of 09/04/2018. Please use the search box to see if your submission has been added. Please note that there was a problem with the earliest submissions (submitted prior to our website move) and we are working diligently to get those names added to the database. We are making monthly updates so if you don’t seen your submission, please check back next month. If you find an error or still don’t see your submission, please feel free to contact us.

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Total Records Found: 14935, showing 50 per page
Last NameFirst NameMiddle InitialMilitary BranchConflictYear StartedYear EndedBirth Date
Zimmerman Stephan K Marines
Zimmerman Stephan N Air Force Suport of D.s 1989 1994 7/15/1969
Zimmerman Ted E Navy World War II 1942 1945 5/26/1910
Zimmerman Rollin K Army WWII 1942 1945
Zink Virgil E Army Air Force
Zink Bruce L
Zink Gerald V Army
Zink Grover A Army Air Force
Zink Irene
Zink Joe W Army Air Force
Zink Ralph I
Zink S I
Zismann Henry F
Zogelman Theo Army
Zoglman Clarence J Army Air Force WWII
Zoglman Ed Army
Zoglman Hank Army Air Force
Zoglman Joe
Zollars Daniel Leon Army WWII 10/06/1893
Zollars Eldon Victor Marines WWII 05/29/1927
Zollars Marshall Lloyd Army WWII 05/22/1924
Zollars Vernon Rex Marine WWII 03/17/1920
Zollars Daniel Leon Air Force 1955 02/07/1932
Zongker Elmer T Army
Zongker Floyd E
Zongker Orval E T/5., Quartermaster Corps WWII
Zongker Philip L Navy 1970 1979 9/27/1951
Zook Howard A Navy
Zuercher Duane Army
Zumalt Charles O Army WWII 1945 1946 7/19/1919
Zumalt Chas D Army Air Force
Zumalt Doniphan H Navy
Zumalt Edwin H Navy
Zumalt Melvin O Army WWII 1945 1946 7/19/1919
Zumwalt Andrew J

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