Veterans Remembered

This is a list of veteran names which have been submitted as of 09/04/2018. Please use the search box to see if your submission has been added. Please note that there was a problem with the earliest submissions (submitted prior to our website move) and we are working diligently to get those names added to the database. We are making monthly updates so if you don’t seen your submission, please check back next month. If you find an error or still don’t see your submission, please feel free to contact us.

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Total Records Found: 14935, showing 50 per page
Last NameFirst NameMiddle InitialMilitary BranchConflictYear StartedYear EndedBirth Date
Abbott Allan "Lawrence" L Sgt. 241st Signal Operations WWII
Abbott Eugene W Navy WWII
Abbott Floyd R Capt. Commanding Btry B 130th WWII
Abbott Freddie L Army WWII
Abbott Harold S Capt. 74th F.A. Bn WWII
Abbott James Jr W Navy WWII
Abbott Jesse Benj Navy WWII
Abbott Lester Levi Army Air Force WWII
Abbott Lloyd E
Abbott Norman F Capt. 130th F.A. 154th F.A. Bn WWII
Abbott Richard B Pvt. 833rd Anti-aircraft Bn WWII
Abbott Seth J
Abbott Stanley Coast Artillery WWII
Abernathy David C Army Vietnam 1968 1970 12-1-1948
Abernathy Lewis C Army Viet Nam Jun-68 Jan. 1970 12/1/1948
Abernathy Justin D Marines 2001 2016 1978
Abildgaard Walter E Army Viet Nam 11/1/1966 8/17/1969 10/20/1947
Achilles Roy H Coast Guard 1943 1945
Achilles Roy F Cpl. 331st Service (Army) WWII
Achilles Wilmer H Coast Guard 1943 1945
Ackley Sylvester L Air Force WWII
Ackley Joseph
Adair Charles J Army Air Force WWII
Adams Harold "Pete" R 1st Sgt 359th Inf 90th Div WWII
Adams Howard Avn. Chief-Hutch Naval Air Stn WWII
Adams James C Army Air Corps WWII
Adams Luther D Air Force WWII
Adams Robert J Pfc.130th Field Artillery 35th Div WWII
Adams W.L. Pvt Paratroopers Italy WWII
Adkinson Levi J
Adrian Edgar M T/Sgt. 90th Ferrying Squadron WWII
Adrian Homer E Sgt 55th Medical Bn WWII
Adrian Laverne L Army WWII
Aelmore Johnson C Navy WWII
Aelmore Martin A Army Air Force WWII
Aerdelmann Phil C Pvt Coast Artillery Anti-Aircraft WWII
Agree Jack Clinton Navy WWII
Ahlgrim William D Army Vietnam 1970 1974 8/29/1949
Ahrens Delmer M Pvt.,232nd FieldArtillery Bn WWII
Ahrens Fay L Sgt Anti-aircraft Unit WWII
Ahrens Glendon Army Air Force WWII
Ahrens Harold Pvt. 8th Coast Artillery WWII
Ahrens Leo L Pfc. Inf. WWII
Ahrens Donnie L. Army Vietnam 1956 1977
Airington JoAnn E Sgt, WAC in Air Transport Comm WWII
Akins Malcolm L Naval Air Corps WWII
Alban William H T/Sgt Armored Force WWII
Albaugh R B
Albert Francisco P Marines Vietnam 66-69/Oct 72 1990
Albert Francisco E Navy WWII 1927 1957

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